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Health, safety and the home environment Cyber school minimizes negative socialization by reducing the risk of bullying, drugs, alcohol, gangs, fights, and the fear associated with an unsafe environment. Cyber school provides all of the advantages of homeschooling without the added stress and workload placed upon homeschooling parents.Our school is ideal for students who have trouble attending school for health and social reasons. Qualified, experienced teachers bring instruction into the safety and comfort of the student’s home.

PALCS has approximately 2600 students, so there may be approximately 2600 reasons why families choose PALCS — every situation is different!

PALCS families can connect across the state by participating in online lessons, attending field trips and joining clubs and activities.

You will also have access to several special programs for PALCS students which encourage gifted and special education students, nurture performing and fine arts talents, and inspire young leaders.

This gives families extra time to connect with their community.

Students can build friendships within faith-based communities, community sports teams, neighbors, and other home-based learning groups.

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